Whaler’s Station

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When you get off the Labrador ferry at Blanc Sablon, Quebec, Turn right (east) and follow 138 to the Labrador border. The highway number changes to Route 510, which is also the Trans Labrador Highway. The drive to Red Bay is also part of the Labrador Coastal Drive. It’s only 80 km to Red Bay, but plan on a 1.5 hour drive. The road is paved but currently (2016) most of it is in pretty rough shape.

Follow the signs to enter Red Bay. You will follow the “Basin” on your right down towards the waters edge. You will see the National Historic Site Interpretation Centre and Whaler’s Station share a parking lot.

The Whaler’s Station provides accommodations, a wonderful gift shop, and a great restaurant. Not having stayed there we cannot give an assessment, but if it is as well run as the restaurant you should be good to go!

The menu was not overly extensive which is a good sign if you are looking for freshly made food. We had a number of meals there and each one was very good. While the fish & chips are a must try, they have the best soup/chowder!

The service was prompt and friendly and suggestions were given when requested. She led us to the soup! Later we met the waitress and her baby at the museum next door where her Dad works.

The Whaler’s Station Gift Shop is reached by entering the door to the restaurant.

It is quite large, with a wide array of products. They have original handiwork, knitting, hooking, painting, sewing, and jewellery. There are sweaters, jackets, t-shirts and ball hats. It would be difficult to not find something you like for yourself or for a gift.

Red Bay Attractions & Services:

Red Bay is home to a UNESCO world heritage site. There is also a whale museum at the town hall. There are several excellent trails. If you like to take pictures, you’ll love Red Bay.

BNL is a convenience store that will cover your basic grocery needs. The closest well stocked grocery store is in L’Anse-au-Loup. There is a liquor store at the atv dealer in L’Anse-au-Loup. There is also a fully stocked lumber yard in L’Anse-au-Loup. If you’d like to go in the other direction, there is an amazing store called Mona’s Place in Lodge Bay. They call it Labrador’s Walmart.

Whaler’s Station is another must see in Red Bay. They have one of our favourite restaurants in Newfoundland and Labrador. They also have an excellent gift shop. If you want a Labrador t-shirt or ball hat, you’ll find it here. If you’d like hand-made crafts, go into the lower level of the National Historic Site building across the parking lot.