Point Amour Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada. The light-keepers residence has been made into a museum. There is a gift shop in another light-keepers house. On the other side of the site, the trail starts that takes you to the wreck site of HMS Raleigh.

If you are coming from Blanc Sablon and L’Anse au Clair on the Trans Labrador Highway, you’ll drive down a big hill when you come to Forteau. Continue through town and drive up the big hill on the other side of town. A little further down the highway, you’ll see the signs for Point Amour Lighthouse. Turn right on that gravel road. You’ll drive through the small community of L’Anse Amour.

Drive down the lane-way and you’ll find a parking area. You’ll probably want to check out the lighthouse, museum and gift shop before you head down the trail. The trail starts at the far end of the property from the parking area, past the gift shop.

The trail is wide and easy to walk. It used to be the road from the lighthouse to L’Anse Amour, where their supplies landed.

There is lots of wreckage along the trail. I would guess most of it would be from HMS Raleigh. The story behind how the boat became a wreck is quite interesting. There are interpretive signs to tell you about the two most famous wrecks. Further down the trail you cross a stream that flows down the hill.

You have nice views of Forteau and the harbour. You can see Overfall Brook across the water. We were there in June and saw several icebergs. In July and August you have a better chance of seeing whales.