Overfall Brook Trail is located in Forteau, NL. The 3 km trail takes you along the west side of the bay to a waterfall. To get to the trail take Harbour Drive off the Trans Labrador Highway. The street runs along the west side of the large bay at Forteau. You’ll drive by the Grenfell Louie A. Hall Bed & Breakfast. Take the road to the very end. There is room to park at the end of Harbour Drive.

The first half of the trail is quite easy. The trail gets considerably more difficult as you get closer to the falls. You are walking along the base of a very large ridge. There are several spots where you have to step across little streams. There is a ‘Y’ in this trail. You can proceed either on the upper trail or continue along the beach towards the falls. We were told the upper trail was more difficult, so we opted to continue along the beach.

The beach is a combination of sandy sections and large rocks. We went part way down but decided to turn back, we were worried about twisting an ankle. The photo of the falls below was taken from the Raleigh Trail across the bay.

The big bonus on this trail happened on our way back. We were in Forteau in mid-June and thought we were too early to spot whales. We spotted a minke whale just a few yards off shore. We watched for about 20 minutes. There appeared to be 2 minke whales and they were definitely chasing herring. Every few minutes a large number of herring would jump out of the water trying to escape the whales. With minke whales, you just see their back fin, they do not lift their tail out of the water like hump-backs do.

They are very difficult to photograph, so we just sat back and enjoyed the show.