Middle Bay is a community on Québec’s Lower North Shore. This is an area of Québec that has road access only from Newfoundland & Labrador. The Labrador Ferry runs from St. Barbe, NL to Blanc Sablon, QC. The Labrador border is just a few km east of Blanc Sablon on Québec Highway 138. Middle Bay is about 40 km west of the ferry terminal.

Middle Bay like Red Bay is another harbour that Basque whalers used in the summer during the late 1500’s. The site is marked by a red highway sign (photo below). If you are going west on Highway 138, turn left on rue Smith (photo below). You drive by fishing stages and a warehouse to get to the Basque Whaling Site. From here you have a nice view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. You can see the town of Middle Bay on the other side of the harbour.

Time Zone

This part of Québec stays on Atlantic Standard Time year round. In the summer it’s 1½ hours behind Newfoundland and Southern Labrador. To confuse things more, the ferry schedule is all in Newfoundland time, even though the ferry lands in Québec.