If you are driving from the ferry terminal in Blanc Sablon, Forteau is the second community you come to. Forteau sits on a large bay. You can see the Point Amour Lighthouse across the water. The town has lots of services including; gas, restaurant, groceries and accommodations.

There’s also lots to see and do in and around Forteau. The historic community of L’Anse Amour and the Point Amour Lighthouse are just around the corner. You can hike the Overfall Brook Trail from Forteau or the Raleigh Trail, which starts at the lighthouse.

Grenfell Louie A. Hall Bed & Breakfast

We did not stay here, but it’s a great place to check out and a nice spot for photos. The building was the Old Forteau Nursing Station, built by the Grenfell Association in 1946. Louie A. Hall was a good friend of Lady Grenfell and she donated money so the new nursing station could be built.

Forteau United Church is across the parking lot from the bed & breakfast. Across the road there’s a large warehouse and a fishing dock. To get here, take Harbour Drive from Route 510 (Trans Labrador Highway), it runs along the west side of the bay. If you continue past the b & b to the end of the road, you’ll come to the Overfall Brook trail-head.

Gas Prices

When we first got off the ferry, we had our trailer and were headed for Red Bay. Forteau was our first stop to top up on fuel. We were expecting a high price, but actually paid less than we did in Newfoundland. The provincial government has lower gas taxes in Southern Labrador, otherwise everybody would drive to Blanc Sablon, QC to fuel up.

Seaview Restaurant

We stopped at the Seaview Restaurant on Father’s Day about 15 minutes before closing. They were finishing off a Father’s Day Brunch special, otherwise they would have been closed. They welcomed us, even though we were late and let us order from the Brunch menu. The restaurant was a treat to visit, they have it beautifully decorated along with friendly people and good food.